Business Term Loans

If you run a construction company, you rely heavily on your vehicles and machinery to drive the work you do. Your leading truck might be $150,000. If it breaks, who's going to steer your day-to-day tasks? That's where we come in. You customize your payments to fit your needs and we provide you with the funds to get those wheels turning again, so you can get back to what you do best, without the stress of finances.

Term loans give you the flexibility to purchase or lease equipment and inventory, fund working capital, or do leasehold improvements. At North Peace Savings, our term loans have no prepayment penalties and can be structured to match your needs.

There are several benefits when taking out a business term loan with North Peace Savings.

  • We offer competitive rates, and often, 100% financing.
  • It's cost effective!
  • We understand that you need specialized equipment for your unique taks - we'll help you get there.
  • And more!

    Applying is Easy

    Call your local branch to speak to one of our Business Account Managers.

    Bring in Your Business

    We believe that the best way to know your business is to get to know you. That's why we don't have online applications, and instead, encourage you to talk to one of our Business Account Managers. Because we are local and Peace Region based, you can be sure we take a vested interest in your business - we will even come see you at your place of work and get to know your operation. When it comes to approving everything, it's done quickly and locally.