Business Equipment Leasing

We want you to have every tool you need to make your business succeed. North Peace Business Solutions will work with you to upgrade your equipment when you need to and manage cash flow how you want to.

The North Peace economy has its challenges, but commercial equipment leasing helps you get the right equipment for the job, while making best use of the capital you have today.

Here are just a few of the benefits of Business Equipment Leasing:


  • You can use your business capital more efficiently
  • With the certainty of fixed payments, you can plan your future equipment acquisitions
  • Want to improve your cash management? Take advantage of flexible or “skip payment” schedules
  • Avoid obsolescence with available equipment upgrades. Stay cutting edge without the pain of a full capital purchase.
  • Your transaction cost could be much lower, if you consider the "total" cost of acquisition. Our financial account managers can work with you to see if this is the right option.
  • There’s a minimum initial cash investment - 100% financing is often available.  Preserve your cash and credit lines!
  • Spread sales tax over term of lease - No upfront expense for sales tax.
  • Our North Peace Business Solutions account managers will work with you to create a lease which is tailor-fit to your business and your needs.
    NorthPeace Business Solutions has been helping local businesses finance their equipment for decades, and we can help you. Just call or visit your local branch for more information on how to lease equipment.