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Youth Sponsorship

At North Peace Savings, we put even our youngest members – and their educational goals – first. That’s why we offer annual bursaries to assist graduating students in your community.

2.99% 5 Year Closed Mortgage Rate

Are you planning to purchase a home in the near future? Take advantage of this industry low rate.

It’s your life. Build it here.

North Peace Savings & Credit Union is uniquely placed to provide the perfect financial services to our members to help them achieve their dreams and realize their ambitions.

Personal banking is a business relationship we take personally. We take the time to get to know our members, their families and their plans for the future - so we can help make them happen.

From day to day banking, to mortgages and lines of credit, we get what it takes to build a life up here, because NPSCU was built up here. So we understand what it takes to live in northern B.C., what works best and when, then we get it done just like everyone. With energy, enthusiasm, expertise and experience. It’s the northern way. After all, your future is our future too.

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