Security and Mobility to Follow the 2983 Cadet Corps With Their New Trailer

North Peace Savings & Credit Union funded the new equipment trailer for the 2983 Cadet Corps in Fort Nelson

Fort St John, June 8th – The Fort Nelson Army Cadets can now spend more time developing their survival and navigational techniques in the field, thanks to the increased mobility and storage of their new enclosed trailer, purchased by their local credit union.

The 2983 Fort Nelson Army Cadets welcomed home their new mobile storage facility this week. Through the Corporate Social Responsibility Program at North Peace Savings & Credit Union (NPSCU), the Corps had enough funding to purchase the trailer that will house their field training gear and supplies for years to come.

In the past, equipment was previously stored in an office space that didn’t allow the program to be as efficient as it wanted to be. “Before we had the trailer, we relied on loading all of our equipment in smaller vehicles, often making several trips to prepare one training session,” explained Lieutenant David Landry.” Not only does the new trailer provide added security for the Corps gear, it allows us to spend more of our time focusing on training and development with the cadets instead traveling back and forth,” added Lt Landry.

David Landry is an Army Reservist, Training Officer for 2983 Corps and is also an employee with NPSCU. Dave shared that the 2983 Cadets and Commanding Officer Captain Eric Desnoyers are appreciative of the credit union and their contribution to this program that benefits youth in the community. NPSCU funded the trailer through its Corporate Social Responsibility Program. This program provides support to local, socially responsible organizations that increase community sustainability within the regions they serve. For more information about NPSCU’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program please click here.

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