National Big Brothers Big Sisters Day: Additional Reason to Celebrate with Donation to the Go-Girls! Program

Heather Desarmia, Danielle Armstrong, Beth Morrison, and Adam Reaburn

In the photo from left to right: Heather Desarmia – Public Relations and Social Media Specialist North Peace Savings, Danielle Armstrong – Director Big Brothers Big Sisters Fort St John, Beth Morrison – Big Brothers Big Sisters Board Member, Adam Reaburn – Big Brothers Big Sisters Board Member.

This National Big Brothers Big Sisters Day was made extra special in Fort St. John this year with a donation from the North Peace Savings and Credit Union.

Fort St. John, September 18 – This year, National Big Brothers Big Sisters Day was extra festive in Fort St. John thanks to a donation from North Peace Savings. The $15,000 contribution was directed towards the popular Go-Girls! program.

The Go-Girls! program is a group mentoring program for girls aged 12-14. The seven mentoring sessions take place in schools and focus on balanced eating, physical activity, and self-esteem. Through group activities, the girls develop awareness of core values, build leadership skills, and learn the importance of positive mental activity. The ultimate goal of the program is to provide support to the young women by helping them build a confident self-image.

Since the program started in 2008, this was the first year that a funding shortage created uncertainty around the program. “We were unsure how we were going to maintain the program at the capacity that we had been previously,” stated Danielle Armstrong, Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters Fort St. John. This in demand program is sought after by schools for its quality of materials, resources and mentoring for the girls. The expectation this year was to run enough sessions so that 50 girls could participate in the Go-Girls! initiative, but with restricted funding, uncertainty arose around this number. Armstrong added, “without the gift from North Peace Savings, the programming capacity would have been negatively impacted.” A lot of the pressure had been lifted from the shoulders of the staff. Armstrong said that “instead of focusing too much of our time securing funding, we can now direct our attention back to executing the program in full capacity for the girls.”

Mitchel Chilcott, CEO, North Peace Savings and Credit Union stated,” North Peace Savings is proud to be able to provide the financial assistance to the Go Girls! program, enabling the organization to focus their energy back towards the meaningful work they intend to do.” As community leaders, North Peace Savings recognizes the evolution taking place within the communities it serves and the importance of building stronger families. “The Go-Girls! program will build the foundation that will guide the young women in their endeavours, building confident families, leading to a strengthened community,” added Chilcott.

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