Salvation Army receives $15,000 from North Peace Savings and Credit Union for Freezers

Fort St. John families who need some extra help this Christmas are getting a boost through a $15,000 donation from North Peace Savings and Credit Union (NPSCU) to the local Salvation Army. NPSCU CEO Mitchel Chilcott and Assistant Branch Manager Tammy McConnell presented a cheque today to Salvation Army Captains Deb VanderHeyden and Jim VanderHeyden. The donation allowed the Salvation Army to purchase twelve freezers, so that they can more efficiently provide food for families in need.

“North Peace Saving and Credit Union is committed to families in the North,” says Chilcott. “Sixty per cent of our members have children living at home, so we know how tough this struggle can be. We’re delighted that this $15,000 gift will make a real difference on the lives of children and families in the Fort St. John area. It is a wonderful expression of our mission to encourage the success and well-being of our member-owners, staff and community.”

The donation came at just the right time for the Fort St. John Salvation Army, who were struggling with older freezers that limited how much they could accept in donations, and were far less heat efficient. Says Captain Deb VanderHeyden, “Our heart is for the kids. We have mothers coming to us in the middle of a school day because they have nothing left in their cupboards, and their kids will go to school the next day without a lunch unless we help.” VanderHeyden notes that since some winter costs – such as heating bills – are set, food is an area where many families are forced to cut. This can have an alarming affect on children. “With the donation of these freezers, we’ll be able to provide far more protein to these families. And we know protein influences the way kids learn, and helps them stay in school.”

“We are so grateful for the support of North Peace Savings, and everyone in this community,” says VanderHeyden. “The people in this community care about their kids. It’s amazing for us to be part of that continuum of care.”