Each One Teach One

Financial Literacy is the first step establishing healthy finanical habits.  We are offering Each One Teach One workshops to support individuals in their quest for knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve financial well-being and positively impact generations to come.

To find more about hosting an Each One Teach One Workshop, please contact financialliteracy@npscu.ca 

  1. Introduction to Basic Banking 
  2. Introduction to Basic Budgeting (Workshop Handouts)
  3. Why Filing Taxes in Canada is a Good Idea
  4. Credit Cards and Prepaid Cards
  5. Loans You Don't Want
  6. Loans: Costs and Obligations
  7. Debt Smarts (Workshop Handouts)
  8. Building a Healthy Credit History
  9. Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention (Workshop Handouts)
  10. RRSPs and TFSAs
  11. Introduction to Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs)
  12. Understanding Contracts
  13. Financial Wellness for Seniors
  14. Home Readiness: Renting vs Owning
  15. The Cost of Home Ownership
  16. Choosing the Right Home
  17. Getting Professional Help to Buy a Home

We are pleased to participate in the Each One Teach One program with credit unions across Canada.  Read more about this collaboration.