Why Community?

At North Peace Savings, community is one of our cornerstone values. We believe in rooting ourselves where our members are. By banking locally, we hope you’ll feel rooted too – rooted in a safe place that understands you and your community’s needs.

That’s where our community-centered values come into play. By planting ourselves in the North Peace region, we’re able to understand what our members – and their surrounding communities – require to flourish. Our Credit Unions are even governed locally by people who understand this community and its needs, whether financial or beyond.

If you’re a member at one of our local branches, you already understand the value in building strong connections with others who love your city and have its best interest in mind. Throughout the year, we support various community groups. In doing so, we hope to build a vibrant, healthy community for the members we serve. By backing projects that prioritize people, we hope to play a vital role in developing healthy communities for Fort Nelson, Hudson’s Hope, Taylor, or Fort St. John.

Strong and healthy communities are built from the ground up. Whether it’s pouring into today’s youth, supporting higher education, or ensuring every member of society has access to basic care, we believe in pouring into the foundation of our communities first, so that every layer that comes afterwards can reach its healthiest potential. And what forms the foundation of every community? People. That’s why we believe in funding projects that have people – and their holistic set of needs – in mind. In doing so, we hope to build active communities that shine throughout BC’s Northern region.