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Increased Authentication


What is Strong PAC?

Strong PAC requires members to use passwords with a mix of letters, numbers and special characters.

Watch for more information in the coming weeks!

About Increased Authentication

At North Peace Savings and Credit Union we ensure the security of your online banking environment by putting various layers of security in place to prevent unauthorized access into your accounts. Enhanced authentication practices are commonplace for online banking and e-commerce platforms, and NPSCU’s login features will continue to evolve with advancements in technology.

The layers of security you will be familiar with consist of verifying your identity, in the following ways:

Your Login Credentials – When you log in, your access credentials are verified to ensure they match with our system's record. Should they not, you will be unable to log in.

Your Device - We check the device you are using to login – whether it’s your computer, mobile phone or tablet. If you’re using a new device and we don’t recognize it, we may ask you to answer your personal challenge questions to help us verify that it's truly you.

Current Security Feature for Online Banking - reCAPTCHA
As part of our continuing commitment to your security, reCAPTCHA, was added to our online banking system.

North Peace Savings and Credit Union uses reCAPTCHA on its Member Direct online banking login webpage. Your use of reCAPTHA is subject to the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

This new feature requires members to confirm they are human (and not a robot). After you have entered your Member Card Number and Access Code (PAC), you will be given a group of images and be asked to identify and click on the images that are being requested.  In the example below, a member is asked to 'Select all images with a bus." In this instance, the member would select three imagees: the top left, top middle and bottom left images. 

Once you have selected the images, press "Verify" (or "Next" if displayed).   If all of the required images were identified, the box will close and you can click login to proceed with your Account in the usual fashion.  If you did not identify all the required images, you will be prompted to re-complete the process. This new step to logging in will not replace the increased authentication questions you set up and are periodically asked.

As part of our fraud prevention program, we remind members to:

  • Keep an eye on their accounts for suspicious activity.
  • Update passwords frequently using the maximum number of characters allowed. Avoid using things such as birthdays, addresses, phone numbers or other easily guessed passwords. 
  • Keep anti-virus and security software up to date.
  • Contact us with any concerns.  For more information on fraud prevention and related tips, please click here.

About Online Banking

Getting started is fast and easy. Visit your local branch and we will ask you a few security questions and provide you with a Personal Access Code. Then access to your accounts will be just a click away.

Registering Your Computer For Faster Logins

You can speed up the login process by opting to register your computer. Registering your home or personal computer is highly recommended for faster logins. You should not register shared or public computers. Cookies are used to identify registered computers. If you clear your cookies, you will have to re-register your computer.

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