Terms and Limits

Terms and Limits

Transaction Limits:

Per Transaction Limit (outgoing) $3,000
7 Day outgoing Limit $10,000
30 Day outgoing Limit $20,000
Per Transaction Limit (Incoming) $10,000
7 Day Incoming Limit $70,000
30 Day Incoming Limit $300,000

Please note:

  • No additional transaction fees will be charged for debiting your account when you send the Interac® e-Transfer.
  • The fee is an immediate charge, meaning it is incurred at the time the sender requests the transaction.
  • The fee is non-refundable, so once you request the transaction, the fee will be incurred. Should you recall or cancel the transaction or the recipient does not accept the funds, the fee will not be refunded. The reason for this is that NPSCU incurs the cost of the transaction at the time of the initial transaction.
  • There is no cost associated with receiving or depositing an Interac® e-Transfer to your NPSCU accounts.

Savings tip!

You can avoid the Interac® e-Transfer fees when you transfer money to another NPSCU member by selecting Transfer to Another Member on the Transfer Money page - instead of sending an e-Transfer. In this case, you will need your recipient's branch number and account number. Please see your branch for more details.

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