Our personal accounts are designed to fit your life. Whether you're looking for a chequing account, a savings account, North Peace Savings & Credit Union has an account that will work for you.

B.Free Personal

Enjoy stress-free banking that’s free of extra charges. With unlimited transactions and no monthly fee, a B.Free Personal account has all of the day-to-day features that meet the needs of Youth to Golden members.

Platinum Plan Savings

Our platinum savings account will help you meet your goals - whatever they might be.

Tax Free Savings

Save by paying no tax on the investment income in this flexible account. You can contribute up to $5,500 per year (2018 contribution limit), and you pay no tax on withdrawals.


AgriInvest helps you manage small income declines, and provides support for investments to mitigate risks or improve market income. Your AgriInvest account builds as you make annual deposits based on a percentage of your Allowable Net Sales and receive matching contributions from federal, provincial, and territorial governments.