Mobile Web Banking FAQs

What is Mobile Web Banking?

Mobile Web Banking is an optimized version of our website designed for the small screens of smartphone users. It is specifically designed for use in smartphones with desk-top class web browsers.

How is Mobile Web Banking different from MemberDirect® Online Banking?

Mobile Web Banking  offers online banking functionality that is optimized for the small screens of smartphones. It does not require downloads or application installations.

Is there a cost to use Mobile Web Banking?

Mobile Web Banking is a free service offered by North Peace Savings. This service uses data, which your service provider may charge you for. Check with your service provider to verify any data costs you may have associated with your plan.

Do I need to sign up for MemberDirect Online Banking to use Mobile Web Banking?

Yes, MemberDirect Online Banking access is required to use Mobile Web Banking, you must have logged onto MemberDirect Online Banking at least once previously to use Mobile Web Banking. To sign up for MemberDirect Online Banking, visit your branch today!

Is it safe?

Absolutely! Your personal information is just as secure on Mobile Web Banking as in MemberDirect Online Banking. Mobile Web Banking uses the same secure login process to keep your information secure.

What if my phone is lost or stolen?

If your phone is lost or stolen your banking information can only be accessed if someone knows or has access to your login information.  Please take care not to disclose this information to anyone and do not store it anywhere on your mobile device.

Can I use Mobile Web Banking outside of Canada?

Mobile Web Banking for smartphones will work in any country where your service provider's data plan will work. However, while Mobile Web Banking is a free service provided by North Peace Savings, your service provider will likely charge for accessing the data while roaming.  It is suggested that you check with your service provider before using Mobile Web Banking for smartphones outside of Canada.

Why can't I add a bill on my smartphone?

A bill or vendor must first be added (registered) onto the MemberDirect Online Banking system in order to access it/ make payments on it.  Once this step has been completed, you will have access through Mobile Web Banking.

Still have questions? 

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