Face 2 Face Video Banking

Did you know that our Face 2 Face Video Banking technology is some of the first in Canada?

North Peace Savings & Credit union is a leader in Face2Face Video Banking technology. Face 2 Face Video Banking provides our members with an innovative and flexible service environment offering extended hours and extended service.

This innovative new technology offers personal assistance through the use of live video banking with our knowledgeable North Peace Savings & Credit Union tellers, combining the service of a teller with the convenience of a banking machine. Face 2 Face Video Banking is open to serve members from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Saturday.

Getting started is easy, just pick up the handset and touch the screen! You don't need to have your debit card handy to use this machine.

With Face 2 Face Video Banking, our members can

  • Deposit cash or cheques 
  • Deposit US dollar cheques
  • Withdrawal cash and/ or loose coin
  • Transfer between North Peace Savings accounts
  • Pay bills
  • Order cheques 
  • Book lending appointments
  • Get Master Card cash advances

Face 2 Face Video Banking technology is available in all our branches. It is operated by knowledgeable North Peace Savings and Credit Union employees from our communities.