Lines of Credit

Personal Lines Of Credit

With a line of credit through North Peace Savings, you have a predetermined amount of money that is available whenever you need it. A line of credit is linked directly to your chequing account, providing immediate funds, however and whenever you access your account. You pay interest only on the outstanding balance, for the time you need it and yet have the peace of mind knowing that money is available at any time. As you pay the loan back, the money is automatically available to you again.

You can use this line of credit for whatever you decide - to make major purchases, consolidate debt, remodel your home, or have it in case of an emergency.

You will find that a North Peace Savings' line of credit offers flexibility with a highly competitive rate that will help you save money!

Line of Credit advantages are:

  • It is linked directly to your chequing account, providing immediate funds, however and whenever you access your account
  • Interest is only charged on the exact amount you are using, for the time you need it
  • No fees
  • No Penalties
  • Ongoing availability, no need to reapply
  • Flexible repayment

Various types we offer are:

Overdraft Protection:
  • Provides peace of mind, for possible chequing account shortfalls
  • For amounts under $3,000
  • Fixed interest rate

Personal Line of Credit:

  • Low interest rate, based on Prime
  • Authorized limits based on applicants eligibility
  • No security required


  • Home equity Line of Credit, enables you to finance whatever you wish, based on the equity in your home
  • Flexibility to match your needs and life


Designed for students, the North Peace Savings and Credit Union StudentLine is a personal line of credit that was designed to help manage the cost of your post secondary education.  Enjoy interest-only payments until graduation.

Some other benefits of the North Peace Savings StudentLine:

  • Borrow up to $15, 000 per year to a maximum of $60,000 for four years
  • Funds approved and provided on a yearly basis
  • Interest only payments while in school
  • After graduation, grace period where interest only payments are made (six month maximum)
  • Lower interest rate than standard loan offered at your credit union

How to apply

Please contact our friendly and experienced lenders for more information or contact us online to get started on your loan application right away.