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North Peace Financial Planning Services Ltd. is pleased to be able to offer our clients a wide variety of annuities.  Annuities are insurance-based investments that have guarantees attached to them. They can offer a stable income flow for a specified period of time or for the lifetime of the investor.

Income solutions for your life

Having a guaranteed income can be just the security you need. Annuities are a popular choice to achieve that peace of mind. In exchange for a single lump sum deposit, you will receive guaranteed regular income payments that contain both interest and a return of principal. We can also customize your annuity payments so they continue for a chosen period of time or for the lifetime(s) of one or two people.  

Insured annuities

Not only can you achieve financial comfort now, but you can also take care of your loved ones in the future. By combining a life annuity with permanent life insurance, you can maximize the income you’re receiving today, while preserving your investment capital to make a gift when you pass on. Pay less tax now, and retain your principal for your heirs.

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North Peace Financial Planning Services Ltd. is a subsidiary of North Peace Savings and Credit Union offering financial planning, life insurance and investments.

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