Registered Retirement Savings Plan

Gain More and grow your tax-sheltered savings in our safe, secure and competitive investments. Make your RRSP contribution with us, and we'll help you choose the investments that are right for you. After all, the best RSP advice comes from experts who know you best.

These investment vehicles and plans will help you say yes to more!

Contribute any amount any time, earn a higher interest rate, and re-allocate any amount to another RRSP investment any time without penalty.
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The deposits feature fixed interest rates and are suitable if you are seeking to
maximize your savings for a longer term. A minimum $500 investment with terms of
1 – 5 years available.
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Investment Equity Shares may provide members with a higher yield on their
investment. They provide an opportunity for members to invest directly in the credit
union’s future.Historically over the past 4 years, Investment shares have paid 4%.
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